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All functional elements in one compact system

Framo Morat has developed a highly integrated wheel hub drive that combines all functional elements, such as the wheel, a high-precision planetary gear, a powerful electric motor and a brake and electronics, into one all-inclusive solution. This modular and scalable system boasts high performance in a compact design and lets users make adaptations to the load capacity, torque, interfaces, sensor system and control profiles.

The wheel hub drive is available in two sizes. The RNA250 is suitable for smaller and flatter vehicles. The standard variant features a two-stage gear box, a total system length under 242 mm, and a standard wheel size of 125 mm. This model can handle a load of up to 250 kg per wheel. The RNA500’s total system length of less than 200 mm and its standard wheel size of 160 mm make it a very compact system. With a wheel load of up to 500 kg, it is designed for larger vehicles.

Wheel hub drive – Technical features

Maximum power density
High radial loads and constantly high acceleration and speed

Long service life
Drive system designed for efficiency with a long-lasting PUR wheel

Low level of maintenance
Components can be replaced individually thanks to the modular design

Intelligent drive system
Plug & Play function and a central parameter check using an optional sensor system

High level of integration
All functional elements housed in a compact space with minimal weight

Comprehensive communication
Comprehensive drive control system as an e-axle thanks to standard interfaces (e.g. RS485 or CAN)

Wheel hub drive – Design

  • Powerful, replaceable PUR wheel
  • Efficient planetary gear (1- or 2-stage)
  • Separate wheel bearing
  • Universal customer interface
  • High-performance BLDC motor
  • Integrated holding brake
  • Integrated secondary
    motor encoder (RS422)
  • Industrial standard serial interfaces
    (RS485 / CAN)
  • Integrated primary motorencoder,
    SPI (internal) / SSI
  • Complete sealed system

End-to-end system solutions designed to meet specific requirements

The modular, scalable system of the wheel hub drive comes in different versions with uniform installation space and identical load capacities. The Standard version boasts a tried-and-true system that’s easy to use in vehicles due to its quick and simple plug-and-play setup. With this, AGV manufacturers have a system matched to the application, yielding either more compact vehicles with the same load capacity or increased usable installation space for batteries and electronics.

There are also two higher-tier versions, each of which adds more functionality than the previous. In addition to the integrated motor controller, the “Advanced” system has a secondary motor encoder with safety function and thus offers intelligent and safe control and evaluation of the systems. The Ultimate version has additional sensors for optimizing operation according to the application and enabling continuous data capture to improve the entire drive cycle.

Standard Advanced Ultimate
High radial loads
Long service life
Low level of maintenance
Compact design
Plug & Play *
Safe-Torque Off *
Error diagnosis *
Intelligent speed control and feedback
Intelligent power control
Real-time acquisition of operating parameters
Wheel-specific power adjustment depending on the radial loads
Predictive maintenance

*with external controller

Wheel hub drive – Dimensions



Maß RNA250 RNA500
1-stage 2-stage 1-stage 2-stage
L1 221 mm 242 mm 218 mm
L2 204 mm 225 mm 196 mm
L3 66 mm 70 mm
D1 Ø 125 mm Ø 160 mm
D2 Ø 44 mm Ø 92 mm
D3 - Ø 136 mm
B1 50 mm 50 mm
B2 67 mm 120 mm
S1 125 mm 160 mm
S2 60 mm 75 mm
S3 140 mm 183 mm
S4 75 mm 100 mm

Wheel hub drive – Performance data

RNA250 RNA500
1-stage 2-stage 1-stage 2-stage
Power continuous operation (S1) 138 W 360 W
Power intermittent operation (S3) 220 W 660 W
Max. power *1 500 W 1300 W
Nominal voltage 24 VDC 48 VDC
Nominal current 6 A 20 A
Max. power consumption*2 40 A 35 A
Brake holding torque*3 0,6 Nm 2,2 Nm
Brake nominal voltage 24/48 VDC 24/48 VDC
Encoder Contactless, absolute angle sensor (up to 14-bit)
Encoder communication Serial SPI, incremental ABZ interface (12-bit) and SSI output (14-bit)
Max. speed*4 8 km/h
Max. acceleration*5 1 m/s2
Acceleration (80% of the load capacity) 0,75 m/s2
Max. System speed*6 265 rpm 340 rpm
Nominal torque*7 9 Nm 11 Nm 18 Nm 21 Nm
Acceleration torque*8 18 Nm 22 Nm 36 Nm 42 Nm
Emergency torque*9 27 Nm 33 Nm 54 Nm 63 Nm
Protection class IP54
Ambient temperature 0 - 40° C
Load capacity per wheel*10 250 kg 500 kg
Max. radial force per wheel 2.500 N 5.000 N
Max. axial force per wheel 850 N 1.700 N
Wheel diameter Ø 125 mm Ø 160 mm
Whell width 50 mm
Hardness of tread 92° Shore
Rolling resistance 65 N
Friction coefficient > 0,25
Drive weight*11 7,8 kg 8,5 kg 9 kg 10 kg

*1 – Maximum electrical power at stall torque
*2 – Maximum current consumption during the test cycle
*3 – Holding torque based on input side
*4 – Recommended maximum speed
*5 – Max. acceleration based on empty run
*6 – Corresponds to 8 km/h at Ø125 mm or Ø160 mm

*7 – Nominal values are based on a service life of 30,000 h
*8 – Max. 250 cycles per h, T2B proportion <5% of the total running time
*9 – Max. 1000 cycles during the entire service life
*10 – The load capacity specifications of the wheel manufacturer may vary
*11 – Drive weight based on condition upon delivery

All in one – one for all

Hub gearboxes – Platform and customer-specific adaptations

Besides the complete drive system, hub gearboxes from Framo Morat have proven their utility in connection with other motors, brakes & controlers, in wheel drives for driverless transport systems thanks to their compact design, which is achieved by integrating the planetary stage into the impeller. The advantageous arrangement of the bearings and the direct transmission of force into the vehicle frame enable high radial loads.

To facilitate short delivery times, the hub gearboxes are available in the NG250 and NG500 variants, each in single- and double-stage versions with polyurethan wheels. The low-maintenance design makes it easy to change the wheel. Customer-specific adaptations, such as a brush seal for outdoor applications or a toothed belt for use in high-bay warehouses, can be made upon request. Further information about the hub gears you’ll find at the Framo Morat website.


NG 250

  • Max. load capacity 250 kg
  • Standard wheel size 125 mm
  • Total gear length 62,5 mm

NG 500

  • Max. load capacity 500 kg
  • Standard wheel size 160 mm
  • Total gear length 64 mm


  • Individual radial load
  • Application-specific interfaces (motor and impeller)

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