Wheel Hub Drive

Compact, flexible & powerful.

International standards possible

  ESD- compatible wheels
  Protection class IP67
  UL- and ATEX- compatible construction

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Wheel hub drives for AGVs

Customized wheel hub gear

With unattended operation around the clock, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in warehouses, parcel distribution centres and production halls ensure maximum profitability and reliability when distributing goods, packaging materials or components. Hub gears from Framo Morat prove their value as wheel drives for AGVs due to the advantageous arrangement of both the bearings and the drive and output shafts. Furthermore, a compact design in confined spaces is possible.

These versatile AGV fleets are based on dynamic wheel hub drives, which meet high standards in terms of transport speed, positioning accuracy, and service life. At the very heart of these drive systems are reliable, compact hub gearboxes from Framo Morat, which have been designed for different wheel loads.

Wheel hub drives as a complete system including motor, gearbox, and wheel

Framo Morat’s decades of experience are irreplaceable. We support you in designing and developing individual drive solutions or sizes, including dimensioning the required gear ratios, wheel loads, materials and toothing types.

For common variants and wheel loads, the modular design of the NG250 and NG500 hub gearbox developed by Framo Morat offers maximum flexibility in connecting the motor, brake, and control system. When it comes to selecting the impeller, various PU materials and wheel sizes are available for different application areas.



  • Kompakte Bauweise durch Integration der Planetenstufe in das Laufrad
  • Hohe Radiallasten durch direkte Krafteinleitung in den Fahrzeugrahmen
  • Lange Lebensdauer & geringe Geräuschemission durch Trennung von Getriebe und Laufrad
  • Kurze Lieferzeiten & Wirtschaftlichkeit durch Getriebeplattformen (NG250/500):
    – Ein- bzw. zweistufige Planetengetriebe (i=4, 5, 8, 16, 20 und 32:1)
    – Vulkollan® wheel, Ø160×50 mm (NG500) or Ø125×50 mm (NG250)
  • Wartungsfreundlicher Aufbau, z.B. durch Möglichkeit des einfachen Radwechsels


  • Komplett kundenspezifisch entwickelte Antriebssysteme inkl. Motor, Bremse, Encoder und Steuerung
  • Individuelle Motoranpassung, durch speziell angepasste Steckwelle und Motorlochkreis
  • Schutz vor Eindringen von Fremdkörpern durch Bürstendichtung
  • Große Flexibilität bei kundenspezifischen Anpassungen nach dem Baukastenprinzip:
    – Individuell ausgelegte Radiallasten
    – Kundenspezifische Baugrößen
    – Schrägverzahnte Planetenstufen
    – Individuelle Materialien, z.B. Thermoplaste
    – Weitere Übersetzungen (z.B. i025, 40 und 64:1)
    – Individuelle PU-Laufradmaterialien und -größen (Ø140 – Ø200×50 mm)
  • Wartungsfreundlicher Aufbau, z.B. durch Möglichkeit des einfachen Radwechsels

Hub gearboxes – Platform and customer-specific adaptations

Hub gearboxes from Framo Morat have proven their utility in wheel drives for driverless transport systems thanks to their compact design, which is achieved by integrating the planetary stage into the impeller. The advantageous arrangement of the bearings and the direct transmission of force into the vehicle frame enable high radial loads.

To facilitate short delivery times, the hub gearboxes are available in the NG250 and NG500 variants, each in single- and double-stage versions with polyurethan wheels. The low-maintenance design makes it easy to change the wheel. Customer-specific adaptations, such as a brush seal for outdoor applications or a toothed belt for use in high-bay warehouses, can be made upon request.


NG 250

  • Max. load capacity 250 kg
  • Standard wheel size 125 mm
  • Total gear length 62,5 mm

NG 500

  • Max. load capacity 500 kg
  • Standard wheel size 160 mm
  • Total gear length 64 mm


  • Individual radial load
  • Application-specific interfaces (motor and impeller)


The versatile drive for different applications

Belt drive for high-bay warehouse shuttles

In high-bay warehouses, multiple shuttles work each day to ensure efficient storage and retrieval of pallets and storage boxes. Our drive unit is also ideal for this application. It is used as a belt drive for moving and distributing the goods. A long service life and accommodation of high radial loads ensures smooth use and easy maintenance.

AGV drive for hospital intralogistics

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used in hospitals, for example, as state-of-the-art goods transport systems. They can connect multiple buildings and floors to each other. In doing so, they supply various areas with food, medication, laundry, mail, and much more. The Framo Morat drive unit is ideal for use in medical facilities due to its low noise emissions and long service life.

Hub drive with brush for agricultural technology

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are being used more and more frequently in Agriculture 4.0, for example, for field and stable work. This makes it possible to automate recurring, time-intensive tasks. An adapted wheel profile and sealing of the drive unit make it easy to drive on any outdoor ground, even if it is very dirty.


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